Slight Return + Out Seeds

by Bluebottle Kiss



Mess and Noise Review:

The creative juices must be really flowing at camp Bluebottle Kiss. But did they ever not? In 13 years they’ve released six albums and seven EPs; amassing over 135 songs – some filler, most pretty good, others sublime. Their new EP, ‘Slight Return and Out Seeds’, is a release of outtakes from last year’s sprawling magnum opus, Doubt Seeds. It was an ambitious release – two discs, 20 songs, 118 minutes, free jazz freak-outs, horn sections, mini-choirs, scorching rockers, gutter poetry. It’s a wonder they had anything left in the tank, let alone seven tracks to back a remastered version of Doubt Seeds track ‘Slight Return’, a slash-and-burn single that recalls Sonic Youth.

Doubt Seeds was a deliberately crafted album, and you get the feeling these tracks were left off, not because they didn’t make the grade, but because of context. All these outtakes are worthy contenders – ‘Stop That You’re Making Me Nervous’ manages to live up to Jamie Hutchings’ description of it as “swampy and melodic”, ‘Killing the Grass’ bubbles and broods with a liquid bassline evoking Can; and the majestic ‘Ghosts of Mosman’ pummels the listener with massive crescendos. You can often measure the worth of an album by what’s left off. With Out Seeds, Bluebottle Kiss consolidate a classic.

by Darren Levin


released May 1, 2007

Produced By Jamie Hutchings
Recorded by Chris Vallejo at Linear Recordings
with the exception of "widow on a ferry" recorded by Tony Dupe at Saddleback
All tracks mixed by Tim Whitten at Audio Graveyard
Mastered by Tim Greig at Sonamax

All Songs written by Jamie Hutchings with the exception of "Here It Goes Again" Written By Ben Grounds

Bluebottle Kiss is Ross Dickie, Ben Grounds, Jared Harrison and Jamie Hutchings.

Sophie Hutchings: Piano
Harp: Leigha Dark
Trombone: Danny Carmichael
Trumpet: Jeff Crawley
Tenor Sax: Andy Kell
Violin: Jay Kong
Choir/s: Liz Payne, Becky Freeman, Rebecah Carr, Tanith Sherman, Jodie Catherine, Tina Jabour and Bertie Tyrell

Released on Nonzero


all rights reserved


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